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November 07, 2005

Layton opens door to election

NDP Leader Jack Layton Monday called a Liberal health-care plan "unacceptable" and said there was "no basis" for his party to show any confidence in Prime Minister Paul Martin's minority government.
Layton had been earlier unwilling to say what the NDP would do if the Liberals wouldn't agree to stopping privitisation. When I initially saw the headline I figured the election would be on since the Conservatives had earlier said that they would only bring forward a non-confidence motion if they knew the NDP would support it. However, the notoriously fickle Conservatives seem to have backed down on that now:
But, Conservative Leader Stephen Harper, responding swiftly to the comments, countered that his party, having already attempted to bring down the Liberals this spring, won't introduce its own confidence motion before Christmas.
What the hell? Is this the same party that claimed the Liberals as a party didn't deserve to govern? It's pretty clear that if he isn't willing to bring them down before Christmas that he's waiting until the Liberals call the election after the Gomery Commissions final report. I'm not sure what they're putting in Harper's coffee! I can only surmise that advisors have scared him out of forcing a Christmas election because many of their supporters, aka the Christian Right, would be really peeved to have their religious traditions interrupted via a negative campaign.

What the article doesn't allude to is that a really big opportunity has opened up. The NDP has a chance to steal the "Liberals are too corrupt to govern" theme away from the Conservatives by initiating the fall of the government itself. And it's pretty clear that the Conservatives will support that motion still:
"If Mr. Layton has a clear confidence motion that speaks to corruption and a general loss of confidence to the government, if there's a consensus of all parties and he's clearly prepared to back that and initiate that, then we'll have a vote," Mr. Harper told reporters in Montreal.
It's a risk, abeit a small one, that voters will retaliate against the NDP for causing a Christmas election. However, the rewards are great. The NDP hasn't been this high in the polls since the last election. And voters frequently reward leaders with guts.

The only wildcard in this play is what effect the Liberals scare-mongering will have this time around on soft NDP voters.


Blogger Karen said...

I have been reading through your blogs, and have found them pretty interesting.
Mrs. Harper was in our town just the past week. I guess maybe it was time to send her to Ontario to try to change the political atmosphere for the Conservative Party!!! Not a hope as for most people I know.
I spent a few months on a message board that had some old timer Albertans on it. It was a political board, and it was rancid with right wing BS. When the issue of same sex marriage was coming up, first it was that it would NEVER happen in Alberta, then the party was giving in and going to allow "unions". I think the biggest laugh was the link I saw for "focus on the family" from a Conservative about the big meetings they have in the U.S to change gays!
Aside from that, there was a same sex marriage board as well. I had no idea that Christians could be so nasty and cruel, actually threatening gays and those who supported the gay marriages. I was raised to treat everyone with respect (unless they do you harm, then stay away) and have raised my child the same way. It was the most disgusting thing I had seen in my life, and I ended up leaving that server after 8 years on there.
Thanks for your thoughts :)

5:33 a.m.

Blogger Jason said...

Thanks for your comments, Karen. Indeed, I was at a meeting tonight where people seemed to think that only Mrs. Harper (not Mr. Harper) was here a couple of days ago (Peterborough). It must've been because of her touring though I hadn't heard of it until now!
I find that a lot of message boards are full of right-wingers, probably why I tend to stay on my blog and I can rant and hardly anybody sees it :)
Thanks for reading!

7:51 a.m.


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