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November 16, 2005

Are we better off?

This Toronto Star article was enlightening in that it focused on the Archilles' Heel of the Liberal government:
n its most recent report, the Conference Board of Canada warns this country is falling behind major competitors and risks squandering a promising future too many assume is assured. More disturbing still, the think-tank points out that its concerns about innovation, health, education and productivity, first identified in 1996, are now today's fears.
Though the federal Finance Minister argues that we're doing really well in many areas we've fallen behind our competitors in other areas. We're squandering away surpluses that could do so much more than just rewarding voters for giving the Liberals support (in tax cuts and small spending increases):
Part of Martin's problem is too many opportunities. While the conference board wants more spent stimulating economic activity, particularly trade, McCracken and others have another long priority list that includes reversing environmental degradation, putting more than a million back to work and breaking the poverty cycle.


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