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November 30, 2005

Format changed for election debates

In most past years I had pretty much ignored US elections. They seemed just so... dirty. With the scary choices Bush made in his first term, I paid a lot of attention to the presidential debate last time around. Imagine my surprise to find that US debates were polite; what you would expect Canadian debates to be. Of course the US only has two people debating but what we have in Canada couldn't even be really called a debate, more like a free-for-all. Evidently, the Canadian networks noticed that many Canadians want more something better:
The leaders will respond, one at a time, to each question. As one leader is speaking, the microphones for the other three will be cut off.
As well, there will be an additional debate in each official language:
There will be a pair of debates before Christmas, Dec. 15 in French and Dec. 16 in English, and another pair after Christmas, Jan. 9 in English and Jan. 10 in French. Each debate will last two hours.


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