Canadian Politics. It's not so boring.

June 24, 2005

First NDP Budget Amendment in History Passes

Woohoo! It passed third and final reading. The NDP succeeded in getting more for people and the environment - $4.6 billion more over two years. And the only sacrifice that had to be made was to put off proposed tax cuts for the medium-sized and large corporations. The small business tax cuts will proceed as planned. Whether you're a supporter of the NDP or not, you have to admit that the NDP decided to light a candle rather than just curse the darkness (like the rest of the opposition did). I just hope that people will see that the NDP is working for the average person when the election comes probably in February of next year.

The Conservatives on the other hand were willing to block the budget vote unless the Liberals held off on the same sex marriage bill until the Fall. Imagine that, the party that wanted to have an election right away now wants to wait. Wonder if it has anything to do with them running neck and neck with the NDP?

The House of Commons sitting will be extended into next week so that the same sex marriage bill can be dealt with. And chances are it'll pass, regardless of the one or two dozen Liberals that will vote against their own party.

June 21, 2005

Harper's personality not the problem

So, Conservative leader Stephen Harper wants to spend the summer barbequing with Canadians in an effort to show his lighter side.

Get real. The problem with your party, Mr. Harper isn't your personality (though that doesn't help). It's the policies of your party and your personal views. Though the Conservative party has struck many extreme positions from their official platform, they're not fooling anybody. These aren't Red/moderate Tories. They're a party beholden to the Christian Right in Canada. And unlike our southern neighbours, that just doesn't wash here - at least, not east of Winnipeg. Sure, they've picked up a few seats in Ontario, but nowhere near what they had hoped. And little wonder. Central Canada has little use for homophobia, anti-abortion and government with neo-conservative agendas.

A leadership change may help, but so would a repudiation of those in his party with extreme views. At least it'd be a start.