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December 02, 2006

Liberal Convention Speeches

Of all the speeches for the four front-runners I listened to last night, only Gerrard Kennedy's was worthy of note. He spoke with sincerity and passion and apparently was the only one of the leadership candidates to recognize that Liberals haven't been at their best and it's at their best that they will always beat the others. I've felt the same thing about Liberals since I jumped to the NDP in 1995. I'd like to see a Liberal party that actually cares about people again, not just in words but actions. Not just making promises, but keeping them. The Liberals got despondent in power, too used to it, and became aimless.
Ignatieff's speech was arrogant, his smiles seemed fake almost forced, and he overused cliches. Basically, it was empty of content. An academic who apparently never learned how to talk to an audience. Surprisingly, the media didn't seem to grasp much of this, expect one shining example from a surprising source, at least for me, the National Post.

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